Case lube

John Porter

May 25, 2019
how do you put the lanolin on the brass
Any way you like really. I use Lee collet neck dies, which don't need lube, and, when they need it, I use a redding body die which just needs a bit of lube on the outside, just using fingers dipped in straight lanolin. [The only exception is 6mmPPc, and I just dip them in a jam jar lid with the lanolin as deep as the necks, because I use an ordinary neck size die for them until Lee makes me a collet neck die for it.] You will soon get a feel for it where ever you use it. Cleaning it from brass is easy with straight isopropyl alcohol. Spray through the primer hole with a spray bottle and place them neck down on paper or anything absorbent and they're dry in seconds. Just to be clear, I am talking about industrial liquid lanolin as used in machine shops. It is brown in colour and not milky. Looks very similar to shellac.


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May 14, 2011
Eastern North Carolina
I like the Lee also but I mostly use Imperial wax. But on stretched cases I use some heavy yellowish oil someone gave me years ago. It's probably thicker than honey and reminds me of the old honey like oil folks used to put in their engins for a quick fix and may be just that. But I generally only use it on 308 military cases.

Imperial is especially good when you are making a small batch of rounds to test. Seems to create the least mess and I just apply it to the cases when loading just a few with my fingertips. Wipe it off with a paper or cloth towl. One little tin lasts a very long time.

Philip J Theodhor

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Sep 10, 2019
whats everyone using? I’ve been using Hornady case lube but it’s recently giving me issues so I went back to my old Lee case lube but I’m about out of that so time for a new product.
This one is very similar to the Dillon case lube however it can be made at home as a DYI.
The formula is as follows
1) procure a 1 quart heavy duty spray bottle
2) One 12 ounce can of ISO Liquid Heat ( Red Container Only)
3) Two ounces of Liquid Lanolin. ( purchase at your local health food store)
Add the heat to your spray bottles container while placing your liquid lanolin 's container into a warm water bath Leave your container in warm water for a few minutes or longer depending on ambient temperature. This will allow it to thin and flow freely.
4) After the Lanolin has reached a free flowing state add two pre measured ounces into the spray bottle and agitate briefly.( your mixture will be cloudy until it settles )
5) Let stand for twenty minutes and your good to go.
I obtained this formula years ago off the internet and have faithfully used it successfully for years with out any issues.
Sense I have been using this formula I've never had any stuck cases or collapsed brass neck case shoulders due to the hydraulic effects of to much lubricant placed on your cases before FL resizing.
As a added benefit because it contains lanolin should contact with the skin occur it will only serve to soften your fingers without any harsh chemical reaction or drying out.
I do have a friend who reloads commercially who is using liquid PAM cooking spray, & I have heard of people who are using Crisco or plain lard. Personally i don't think that I would use Crisco or lard it is just IMHO to messy.


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Jun 7, 2013
I've used the Imperial Sizing Die Wax & the Bonanza Case Graphiter(for inside neck) since the early 1980's & have always been pleased with the results. But when I saw this blog, I read it to see what other people use. I've never used any of the spray lube before & never heard of the alcohol/lanolin mix either. But I liked the sound of the lanolin mix, so I bought the items that were linked in this blog. I got the last of the ingredients today & mixed up a batch at the 10:1 ratio & tried it out on some 30-378 & 338-378 Wby. mag. cases & I was completely impressed with the results! It was the easiest FL resizing that I've ever had, it definitely made me a believer. Thank you all for sharing that old & time tested recipe.


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Aug 26, 2014
Alcohol lanolin mixed 10 to 1 placed in spray bottle make sure to shake before use. Agitate cases in a pail old cardboard box whatever in handy until case necks face mostly up in the air spray cases a couple times you want to get lube inside the case mouths this will reduce runout. You can feel the difference when sizing cases it will feel smoother.


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Oct 31, 2012
I first tumble to clean the junk off the cases
Spray with Dillon lube
then run them through a sizing/decaper die.
Trim if necessary
Run them through the ultra-sonic cleaner with Hornady case cleaner.

Far North Hunter

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LRH Team Member
Jul 6, 2019
A while back I read an article on a lube being used on AR’s in use by soldiers in the Middle East. it was giving the soldier(s) being quoted excellent lubricity over extended fire fights. I believe it was titled ‘AR JUICE’! The concoction is 50/50 Mobil 1 and transmission fluid...with a dash of hoppes. I’ve tried it for several applications and I was pleased With the extended wear capability. Then I tried it as a case lube, on a lube pad. What a great use. I have only used it on smaller cartridges and no case forming, other than f/l resizing. Of course not using it inside of case necks. There I only use moly. Time will tell if any ill effects.

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