Case damage


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Feb 26, 2003
How much pressure is enough to make a case not worth reloading?

I understand that if it won't hold a primer it should be thrown out. I have never had this happen.

But what about if there has been a good stamp of the ejector on the case head?

Nice shiny spot on the case head, throw it out?

Is this enough to warrant disgaurding a case?



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Dec 15, 2001
I do not think so. In my 338 Lapua I get shiny ejector marks with factory Lapua ammo. I think the best signs to watch for are loose primers and case separation.


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Jun 12, 2001
Palmer, Alaska
If that is all that you see, no. The case is fine. If there was too much brass flowing back into the ejector hole, it would completely lock the bolt up but it's usually just enough to make it stiff whike it shears it off flat again or just scrapes it real hard and makes it shiny. If it's real obnoctious like, you can flatten it off again with a "fine" file, and if it is pretty pronounced it will still be your cause of tight headspace. If I get one or two that went that hot, I take the file to the high spot if I have to. It's usually only a thou or two high if that.

I shoot my brass until I'm almost afraid the primers will fall out on the way to the range in the box.
Never seen one leak from getting super loose yet.

I'm more concerned with a crack or seperation at the pressure ring if anything. The RCBS Case Master that measures RO has a long rod on it for measuring case wall thickness too, works like a charm for telling when they're getting thin down there.

Splits, cracks, thinning at the pressure ring and real loose primer pockets are what I look for.

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