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Apr 12, 2002
Loon Lake WA
I have only seen a couple of articles of rifles carring 30" barrels that were made of carbon fiber. Is this just to expensive? Or is it hogwash what we have been hearing about cf? If it works, why don't we see more of 'em?
We've had a few of them show up for our long range groundhog matches..100-300-500 yards and to be honest with you thay didn't shoot worth these were factory 700's in various calibers and the stainless and regular barrels cleaned their clocks...I've never seen one on a custom rifle..doubt if I ever will to be honest with you...who knows, maybe it was the shooters rather than the barrel but I doubt it..Frank
A friend of mine bought a little AR-15 with a Carbon fiber barrel a couple of years ago for coyote hunting. He said that little 4 pound gun was going to be the greatest thing since the electronic call.

He wanted to sell it to me, but he made the mistake of letting me shoot it first. I offered him $10 tops.

He spent a couple of hundred getting it Accurized. That got it down to only 3-4 MOA. I can't recall him ever hitting a coyote more than 50 yards away with it, and I don't recall that gun ever making a one shot kill.

It had to be by far, the worst shooting rifle I've ever seen. He still gets grouchy every time I mention it.
I am a tech junky so looked into the carbon fibre barrels with lots of interest when they first came out. What I found was dissapointing but not the fault of the carbon fibre.

The basis for the barrel is still a CM or SS steel barrel. All that has happened is that the barrel is turned down and carbon fibre wrapped around it. My understanding is that most used Shilen reg. barrels not their top of the line match barrel, so the accuracy will be limited from the start.

The idea of carbon fibre has merrit, it just has not been excecuted in the best possible manner. It is also way more money to manufacture today then a true all steel match barrel. Maybe someone will figure out a way to cermic coat the interior so that a steel liner is not necessary. Now that would be an improvement...maybe.

Good luck...

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