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    Twenty yards from a bull moose and NO TAG!

    Dad and I did a short archery mule deer hunt for me in the Big Horns of Wyoming earlier this month. Dad was my guide. Some highlights of our trip included a close encounter with some bull moose about 10 minutes into our first morning's hunt. There were 2 much larger bulls a few yards back in the timber. I had several good stalks on mule deer bucks but couldn't close the deal.
    On our last morning in the mountains we shot rocks at 993 yards sharing Dad's 6.5x284 by Long Range Rifles, LLC. After Dad took 2 shots that were 1 and 2 inches from point of aim, my first shot at the same target was an inch or so from his 2nd shot. What fun! We had computed our drops using the new G7 2,000 yard rangefinder with it's ballistic custom profile software which reads and utilizes barometric pressure and shooting angle. It then spits out the correct MOA. Read Dad's short "first impression" review of the G7 rangefinder HERE.

    -- Andy Backus

    Are we a bunch of amateur greenies? You could see 993yds that you hit a rock and held .3moa ? Did you walk 1000yds across rugged terrain to look at the bullet strikes just for the fun of it ir did you have a target pasted to the rock and had a 1000 power glass to look at it from the other side of the canyon? I don't doubt your ability's but I am a man of the field and that is a pretty far reaching tale. Was this a four foot diameter rock and you were just guessing the hits were that close to each other or did you have a spot picked out on the rock and the bullet made a perfect impression you could see from 1000yds. Sorry for the rant. Boy I am guessing this will draw a lot of fire from the defenders of the great Bakus.

    Just one more thing, before you tear me up, I shoot almost daily with a rifle that shoots .212. I shoot a lot of rocks, crows and coyote just like a lot of you guys. I know what it is like in the field and so do you. I take a lot of varying range shots in all conditions and almost always if the shot is over 400yds, I have to go look at it and a lot of the time I cant tell exactly where I hit even if its a crow or a rock. Think about what it would be like to make this claim. I do not doubt his ability or his equipment. Just think about it.
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    I see your point and have no issues with the original post.

    I have great respect, though a bit unscientific, about the ability of the human eye, along with great optics to discern things.

    My favorite practice spot has a very large boulder, the size of a storage container, at 1177 yds. When mirage isn't running badly, I "see" group sizes within parts of an inch:rolleyes:, from the bullet splat. I'm confident that taking the 2.5 hour walk over there would reveal a fairly large difference. Its still to me good for visualizing the group being in the kill zone of a large game animal with the goal of making the shot in the kill zone of a very small animal. Good enough for me.:)

    I appreciate your diligence. If you ever pass through Idaho gimme a holler. We'll put the thump on some rocks or somethin'.