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    Jan 21, 2005
    Hi all!
    I've just got the last parts together for my 338 Edge build and I was going to start working on building up some loads. I am using 375 Ultra brass as I found a pretty good deal on some new. I am using a 338 RUM sizer to neck down the brass. I set about a .090 gap between the shell holder and the die. I was then comparing a parent case to the wildcat case with a Hornady headspace gauge and here is what I have.

    The parent case reads 2.4695 and the newly formed 338 Edge case reads 2.4645, a difference of 5 thou. .005 seems like too much as the standard "bump the shoulder a couple thou" seems to indicate .002. This is my first wildcat and although in terms of wildcatting a fairly simple endeavor, I still would like someone to verify that I'm close to where I need to be on forming the brass.

    I'll post pics of the build as soon as I finishing putting her all together.

    thanks in advance!