Can anyone recommend a good outfitter?


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Sep 15, 2009
SW MT or noVA

My brithday is coming up next week (turning 16) and my parents have hinted that I should pick out an outfitter where I would like go to hunt. If anyone could recommend a good hog outfitter (or for another big game species if you had a real good trip) that would be much appreciated. I have gone to mountain meadow hunting preserve in west Virginia, that was a lot of fun and really what got me and my dad hooked on hunting. I would prefer an outfitter in the central or eastern states so we spend less time traveling and more time hunting. But if it's in Texas and really superb we may just go there. I'm interested in shooting at 300-600yards, or maybe a little further. Also, I would prefer a lodge that allows more than just one hog, I rarely get the chance to hunt long range, and really want to make the most of it.

Sorry for the massive post and thanks in advance,
The Diamond A ranch in Texas has hogs and exotics such as auodad and black buck. They will let you shoot at their gongs and if you can hit them then you can hunt long range. They are a two day drive from you. They also have a lot of fossils on the ranch if it interests you.

A little closer in Texas is the Big Woods Ranch and they can set you for long range in one of three stands. They also have whitetail deer and waterfowl in the correct season.

Both places have websites.
Send me a email or pm, I know a couple good texas outfitters and also a few you might want to steer clear of. there was also a post here the other day from a guy in west texas who was going to do some hog hunts.
check out danny santangelo in south florida. I have hunted with him many times.he can put you on a great hog,plus he has good deer hunting,and some great alligator hunting. He can also tie in a fishing trip for big bass on shiners or even saltwater! He recently purchased the brady ranch and has a high fence operation of over 3000 acres. His ranch has super axis deer as well as other deer and exotics. Hog hunting with him is a blast! you can hunt several ways, dogs or stand hunting,air boat adventure or swamp buggie. look up Okeechobee outfitters or Danny Sant Angelo. you won't be disappointed

good luck

I have sent pope brothers outfitters an email about booking a hunt with them. Not yet confirmed but looks like I'll be heading to Texas over thanksgiving!
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