Camo cloths or pop up blind?

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  1. RustyRick

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    Jul 5, 2013
    I know the cost of packing a pop up blind around, and I've seen enough videos to know that hat, gloves, face mask coat and pants are a lot easier to pack around :)

    However - I wonder if, and how often, by having to pivot around to a different shooting position (because they usually don't come in lined up with your sights), spooks them before you get a shot away. Plus you have to be much more in a hurry.

    Your rifle, bi-pods, and scope need to be camo'ed then too.

    And if a igloo shaped object all of a sudden appears in their territory, they recognize it as foreign. (should be shaped like a round bale here).

    Or do they pay no-never-mind to it if there is no odor or movement?

    I'd like to see a discussion on the pros and cons of the 2 options. Maybe there is already a thread on this.

    We tried the pop-up Sat no response and the snow is still knee deep :D
  2. c_bass16

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    Sep 22, 2009
    Blinds have their place.
    99% of the time, their place is for archers.

    In the last 2 seasons, we've take probably close to 250-300 coyotes.

    If they are coming to an area that you have to turn so much that you give away your possition, then you need to work on your tactics.

    Make sure you only move VERY slow, and you only move while they arent scanning your direction.

    After you've spotted them coming to the call, don't make any more calls. Let them come to your area. If you call again, they will zero on you and circle down wind.

    The more you conceal yourself, the more movement you can get away with.
    Blinds are absolutely not needed to be successful, but you can sure give it a shot.
    While we film, movement is necessary, which is why we use more advanced concealment techniques.
  3. bluealtered

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    May 29, 2010
    I don't always take it, but an easy to make and easy to carry blind can be made by getting a roll of burlap camo, (wally world has it) and then while at wally go to the garden dept. and get some 3'-4' plastic tomatoe stakes and weave them through the burlap. Just cut the burlap to the length you need and you have a simple ,(and cheap) blind that doesn't weigh anything and can be carried on your pack or slung under your arm.

    When the ground gets harder you can push the stakes in with a pcv "t" connector. This blind will allow you to have some wiggle room for when you need to look behind you or just change positions.