Cameraland - Minox Binocular Specials


Mar 6, 2008
Minox HG Series Price Reduction:

We have reduced the prices on Minox's HG Series binoculars. High Grade – low weight and truly compact in a top of the line binocular, the Minox HG is a wonderful optic. At these prices it is tough to get a better glass.

Minox 8x33 HG Only $399.99

Minox 8.5x43 HG Only $499.99

Minox 10x43 HG Only $579.99

Minox 8.5x52 HG Only $599.99

Minox 10x52 HG Only $599.99

Also from Minox are a couple of Porro Prism binoculars on Super Deal

Minox BD 8x44 BP Only $299.99

Minox BD 10x44 BP Only $229.99

As if cast from the same mould the MINOX BD 8x44 BP and BD 10x44 BP binoculars are hard to tell apart and feature a striking and unmistakable blend of all MINOX competences in leading-edge optical technology. Enhanced three-dimensional imaging, an exceptional light transmission of 94.5 percent as well as an extremely compact design make these binoculars the ideal companion for every field of nature observation.

The Porro prism offers clear advantages over roof prisms, especially the higher light transmission, as less light is lost in the optical path through reflection, on the way to the eye. Nevertheless, this design has been somewhat neglected over recent years. The use of Porro prisms always implies increased weight and comparatively larger dimensions of the binoculars. As a specialist for the miniaturization of optical equipment MINOX has been able to develop compact Porro binoculars minimizing these familiar weak points and maximizing the strong ones.

From Gr8fuldoug at Cameraland
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