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    As things heat up this Summer it is time to give our friends some really HOT deals. The following products and prices are only available at these prices to forum members as a way of us thanking you for your continued support. Please feel free to contact us to discuss which camera would be best for your needs. Joel is the head of the camera dept, however Joel, Scottie or Mark can assist you with your questions.

    The perfect beach camera. Waterproof and shock proof

    Fuji XP-10 @ a special price....
    The regular price for this is $149.99 less a $50.00 mail in rebate. Through the end of July you can buy this for $119.99 less the $50.00 mail in rebate so the after rebate expense is only $69.99. We can also give you a deluxe kit with a 4 gig card, case and extra battery for $159.99 and then you would still get back $50.00 from the mail in rebate.

    There is a reason Nikon is at the top of the market share charts. They make amazing products.
    [​IMG] Their new P500 with its 36x zoom is great for taking images of wildlife. Look like you are standing right next to the Grizzly Bear that appears ready for lunch!!

    Looking for something small that works great in low light? Check out the new Coolpix P300. It features an F 1.8 lens that performs great in low light and shoots terrific HD videos. It has the new high performance CMOS sensor that will give you bright vibrant colors and noiseless images in low light.

    If you've had a point and shoot and now it's time to expand your talents to an SLR (single lens reflex) Nikon offers the widest range of digital SLR cameras. The new Nikon D5100 is amazing. It's new 16.2 mega pixel sensor coupled with the Xpeed 2 processor results in the most amazing images. It shoots full 1080 HD videos and has a flip out screen to make all of your photo shoots as easy as possible. It shoots still images up to 4 frames per second and has a special effects dial that allows you take make each image a unique work of art.

    July is filled with promotions on some great Nikon cameras. Please call us toll free in the USA at 1-866-9optics or e-mail us at [email protected] for the weekly Nikon specials. Please mention you received this to get the very best promotion.


    Looking for a great camera with incredible range? The new Olympus SZ30 is small enough to fit in a jacket pocket and offers a 24x optical zoom. On top of this it has HD video and is extremely fast. This camera is normally $399.99, as part of our special it is only $329.99 and is available in either white or black.
    We have a deluxe kit for only $369.99 that adds an extra battery, 8 gig card and a case.

    [​IMG] Are you shooting in low light? Are great sunsets your thing? The new Olympus XZ-1 with its F 1.8 - F 2.5 lens is the answer for you. In addition to the very fast lens allowing in extreme amounts of light it has a 4x zoom and does HD video. It gets even better. This camera has the largest sensor in its class and the result are amazing images. Vibrant colors and sharp pictures.
    Normally $499.99 we have brought the price down for you to only $429.99. We also have a kit that includes an extra battery, 8 gig SDHC card and a case for $469.99.

    Want the results of a large SLR in a small camera. The Olympus Pen EPL-1 is the answer. It has a large sensor that gives you bright, colorful, sharp images and with the interchangeable lenses there is no picture you will miss. Ever see the TV commercial for this? It was filmed with this camera. REALLY!!
    This camera has promotions from Olympus throughout the month. The regular price on this is $499.99 with the 14-42 lens. We have it on promo all month for $399.99. That includes the camera, 14-42 lens, battery, charger, cables, software and 1 year warranty.
    We have a Deluxe Kit that adds a case, UV filter to protect the lens, extra battery, 8 gig card, LCD protector and a cleaning kit for $499.99. This available in assorted colors.


    Electronic Flash
    The best way to improve your indoor pictures is by adding fill flash. This is how pro's reduce shadows and even out colors. The Promaster 7500 EDF Flash is one of the most powerful, full featured flashes on the market. It bounces, swivels and even zooms the flash with the focal length of the lens. In addition it has a fill flash, perfect for when you bounce the flash. It has a built in wireless trigger so this flash in reality has no limits!!
    Normally $229.99 less a $30.00 mail in rebate we are offering you this flash for only $149.99 and then you get back $30.00 in a rebate check. For $119.99 this is a home run in improving your photography. We have this flash for Nikon, Canon, Olympus, Pentax and Sony. It is dedicated and will sync completely with any of these brands.

    Promaster Tripod Specials

    We are offering two great specials.

    With a maximum height of 61", the Promaster 7100 tripod is the ideal choice for a basic all around tripod. It features a 3-way all metal pan head with a quick release platform. The 3-section rhombic legs are center braced and have spiked feet which allow for a sturdy balance on any surface. Its geared center column allows for easy height adjustment. A bubble level is mounted on the tripod body as well as on the head for precise positioning.
    *Maximum Working Height: 61"
    *Minimum Working Height: 24"
    *Maximum Load: 11 lbs. / 5 kg
    *Folded Height: 25"
    *Leg Diameter: 23mm
    *Weight: 3 lbs. 7 oz
    Normally $59.99, this is on special for only $34.99

    Looking for a strong light weight tripod, that for this special will include a ball head, the PROMASTER® SystemPRO Platinum Series Carbon Fiber Tripods are the ultimate in a strong, ultra light weight, reliable tripod. The Systempro T525P with Ball Head is a terrific choice. They are an ideal choice for backpackers, nature and wildlife, photojournalist, travel or any other photographer where the size of their gear matters.
    This is normally $349.99 with a ball head, however, for this special we have dropped the price to only $249.99.


    Are portraits your thing? How about an economical way to make your pictures look like they were taken by a professional? The Promaster QL250 light kit is the answer to your prayers.
    The QL250 is a perfect choice for the beginning photographer. With a light head, stand and umbrella, all in a convenient carrying storage bag, two or three of these kits comprise a complete studio setup. Made to give you years of service.
    Power adjustable
    Wide range, even lighting
    Convenient portability, as well as a self focusing halogen quartz bulb
    Built-in reflector
    Thermo controller and a quiet mini-fan that ensures even lighting throughout and a wide lighting angle
    Our regular price is $139.99 and for the rest of the month you can buy this for only $99.99

    Of course the little things sometimes solve the biggest issues.
    * Make sure your lens is clean (and not with the bottom of your shirt) by always having a lens cloth or a lens pen with you.
    *Never use Windex or any other soap based cleaning products on your lenses. Use a good quality lens cleaning fluid. The best way to use lens cleaning fluid is to spray it onto the lens cloth and then wipe the lens clean. Never spray it directly onto the lens.
    *Information is your friend, so if you want to know more get a book or DVD to gain more insight.
    * It can't hurt to keep a flashlight in your camera bag (we carry LowePro, Promaster & Tamrac bags. It's always nice to see what you're doing. All photos are not taken in well lit areas (Candids at backyard events at night, Fireworks, Sunset pictures, etc).

    Enjoy the Summer and feel free to give us a call @ 212-753-5128 and speak with Joel, Scottie or Mark to get answers to your photography questions.