Called Boots Obermeyer today...


Apr 5, 2008
Lakewood, CO
I am ordering a barrel for a 300 win mag, 26" finished length, basic sporter .75 at the muzzle. I had planned on getting a 1 - 11" twist based on research, and was planning to shoot bullets around 180-190. He told me I wanted a 1 in 13" twist for that. I don't want to question a master, but I'm not seeing a lot of 1 in 13" recommendations on here. What do you guys think?
Most bullet mfgs recommend twists for their products. I'd look at the bullet I intended using and go with the recommendation. My 300 WM is 1 in 10. Shoots 178gr Amax and 210gr VLD's very well. I've not needed to try much else in the rifle. The few 180gr SMK's that I shot did well too.
Tighter twist will be better for heavier bullets. If you ever decide to shoot heavier or if you decide to try the mono metal bullets that are coming onto the market you will need the faster twist. The slower twist will stabilize better for long range but you run into potential for bullet tumbling on impact for short range hunting ( <500yrds ). If the rifle is going to be used only at long range and only with the bullets mentioned, then I agree. Most bullets that are well built will hold up to a little extra twist. For my way of thinking I would rather be a little too fast on the twist than too slow. The bullet market looks like, ( in my chrystal ball ) it is headed into bullets that will need faster twists.

So, if it were me, I would go 1-10 or even faster. That is just me. Doesn't mean that I think you would be wrong if you didn't. Let's see what others have to say.

I went ahead and ordered a Kreiger 5r barrel with 1 in 11" twist, think I might shoot 210 Bergers for longer shots on elk. I think that will work out well, not sure though, this will be my first decent rifle and first time to practice for longer ranges.

Thanks for the input guys.
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