California and Ammo purchases..

What does this law do for internet sales? Are CA residents not allowed to mail order ammo? That article just references sales in CA stores.
The law doesn't specify, but online sales inherently couldn't comply with the requirements (thumbprint, etc). It's a de facto online sales ban, which might be the strongest challenge available to them.
It includes a specific ban on internet/mail-order sales.

But it also probably violates a number of federal statutes, and the lawsuits are already lined up at the courthouse.
Hm. I read it didn't. Well maybe that'll help the challengers then.

From the enrolled text:

12318. (a) Commencing February 1, 2011, the delivery or transfer of
ownership of handgun ammunition may only occur in a face-to-face
transaction with the deliverer or transferor being provided bona fide evidence
of identity from the purchaser or other transferee. A violation of this section
is a misdemeanor.

The best attack on this, according to some, is that the state law is preempted by the federal laws on transport of ammunition by common carriers.

Also, a law to repeal it has already been introduced.
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