Caldwell Fire Control Full Length Rest Review By Don Bigelow


Jan 23, 2010
Hi Don,

Just finished reading your caldwell fire control review.
As far as breaking down the rest for transport, why not incorporate a clamp, like the ones used for clamping a bicycle seat to the bike frame? One tube is slotted and the other is fitted snugly into it, then the clamp is secured. The result is rigid. If it can hold the weight of a cyclist, it can surely do the job on the rest tube.lightbulb


Phil, aka tazzman


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Mar 26, 2008
Olive Branch,MS

Just re-read your review again after I went and pick one up. Instead of cutting the tubing to length was wondering what your thoughts of removing the stops on the bottom base to allow the tubing to come foward. You could drill holes for different lengths to fit a number of rifle lengths.

I notice the front bag does not line straight up with the rear bag. How did you adjust this?


p.s. great review


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Dec 12, 2011
S.E. Michigan
I own one (got it before I even read your review. It's an excellent tool for sighting in and works as advertised with some minor exceptions....

The front bag is cheaply made, that is, after numerous shots, the cover ripped in the crotch and spewed it's contents (looks like kitty litter) all over, I had to apply a layer of Gorilla Tape top seal the tear.

The 'fire control' adjustment handle is awkward but serviceable. Mine came with a fixing screw that allows a right handed or left handed shooter to use it.

The coarse adjustment clamp screw is kind of balky, that is, when you tighten it, as it clamps, it moves the vertical tube a bit. My solution was top remove the clamp screw and insert a small plastic button so the button secures the tube, not the metal end of the screw...

Finally, I agree, Caldwell should have enclosed instructions and labelled the 4 friction producing gimbal screws to inform the user that the rension on the gimbal mechanism is adjustable. As mine came from the factory, the gimbal was way too loose, every firing cause the adjustment to jump. Simple solution, tighten the 4 adjustment screws, problem solved.

This rest beats the Lead Sled, hands down, allows you to shoulder the rifle and actually use the scope correctly...and lets your shoulder take the recoil, not the rest. Thats important to me.

The rest is excellent for load/jump development and sighting in your scope.

Overall I'd give it a 9.5. out of 10 (1/2 point for the crap front bag....)


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