Buyers beware


Jun 10, 2021
SE North Carolina
I would've felt like I'd been mislead. As a member with quite a bit of Trader History here I feel it necessary to humbly chime in on this one. It would appear that the picture angle you provided likely wasn't provided in the sellers original ad because it was unsightly and could've affected the sale of the item. As an avid Buyer/Seller/Trader on this forum I feel that your word is a reflection of who you are, what you represent and how you do business. Conversely, the word (or images in this case) you leave out (intentionally or not) is also a reflection of the aforementioned.

I once sold a barreled action on this forum and did everything I could to provide adequate pictures and a thorough description of the item in question. When the buyer received it he sent me a picture of a defect that I had failed to notice and I was absolutely HORRIFIED and ASHAMED because I had inadvertently sold something that wasn't as I had portrayed it to be. Was a defect (not seen in pictures I provided by the way) that had never caused me any problems and yet still allowed the proper function of the firearm. My attention to detail wasn't what it should've been. I'd made an honest mistake, but it was a reflection on me nonetheless and I immediately sent him funds to replace the defective part. The buyer was completely happy with that resolution and left me heartfelt, positive feedback, but I still feel bad about it to this very day.

My point is as a Seller I feel you have a responsibility as much as humanly possible to give honest full disclosures/accurate descriptions of your items........and if something goes awry (which does happen from time to time......we're human 😇) make things right with your fellow members/customers/friends regardless of the circumstances or intentions behind the sale. I can't speak for anybody else here, but my name and reputation is INFINITELY more important than the "root of all evil".
This. Is the best response I’ve read on this matter!! Bar none..