BUY - Double Shoulder Rifle Sling


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Jan 20, 2004
Blackfoot, Idaho
Great post and Pics.

It's those kinds of innovations that make one's hunting experience even more rewarding. The great part is that is works for your style of doing thing.

Which model of sewing machine are you using. Mine is a Janome. Their least expensive toughest model. Sews leather and the works.......

I'd say a sewing machine for those who are particular to themselves and have a resistance to adaptation to some manufacturer's styles, is as valuable to the cause as a reloading press.

I've "come up with" a carry system that allows carrying a 12-14# rifle and allows a quick upclose shot should the opportunity present itself.

I may have to rethink think things when the >16# rig arrives.


What's the words on the wall say. The glare blurs what I think may be "design" AND What's in the cooler or is it a cooler.:)


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Sep 22, 2009
South Dakota
On the wall it is a project i did last year in which we had to graphically design the quote "Good design is Good citizenship. - Milton Glaser"

And its an old school deep freeze thats chuck full of deer, antelope, hamburger, chicken and other assorted 4 legged murder victims. (been getting harassed on YouTube buy anti-hunters calling it murder)

glad ya like the sling. feel free to post up your design too. we're all learning here.
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