Busnell scope


Oct 25, 2004
I was wondering about the busnell firefly scope. I'm preety sure thats what it is called . i would like to know how well it worked, and how much it improved you vision at night.
Yote the Firefly reticle is IMHO a VERY neat feature, as is the Rainguard coating. I just wish they were available in something as clear as even the Buckmasters series from Nikon. The 3200 Elite is a great lil scope but it most suffer the same fate as the VX1, that being a "dullish, hazy, yellowish" tint in image. I dont mean very bad, I just mean not BRIGHT, CLEAR and almost blue in brilliance like say the Nikon or Conquest series from Zeiss are.

The Firefly reticle isnt anykind of "nightvision" aide. It is simply an internal method of lighting up a reticle for dark shooting without the expense and complication of an electrical system. It has no bearing or affect on the scopes ability to gather light. By shining a flashlight thru the scope for a minute or two you activate the "glow in the dark" coating on the reticle and they do just that "glow" instead of "shine".

Like I said, I aint knockin em. I think they are one of the better values on the market for under $250. I just think that right now the Nikon series of ProStaff and Buckmasters are clearer.

Good luck,
i have the 3-9x50 30mm tube with the fire fly reticle.......i have found that using the scope with the cross hairs glowing it makes it harder to see through the scope at extreme low light conditions.......i keep the scope covers on till its time to shoot...
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