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Nov 2, 2003
Washington State
Whatexperience have people had with this particular Bushnell Rangfinder? Does the rain/snow mode work? Does it work well enough to go with this Bushnell vs. a Leica?

Cabelas description--

Bushnell® Yardage Pro® 1000 Rangefinder:

The longest ranging Yardage Pro®, the 1000 delivers accurate readings on reflective targets out to 1,200 yards. The compact, lightweight designs are dependable in the harshest conditions. The rain mode measures distances in rain, snow or other inclement weather. Zip mode enables the user to read distances off far-away objects through foreground clutter like brush and branches without the need for reflectors, and scan mode provides continuous readings. Weather-resistant, it is powered by a 9-volt alkaline battery (not included). It also has a built-in tripod mount. Maximum reading on non-reflective target: 1000 yds.


Jon Denham
The Bushnells that I have seen and played with seem to work as good as any out there within that price range. I have several hunting buddies who have various models of Bushnells and have heard no complaints from any of them in reference to using the rangefinder. We have all compared notes as I have the Nikon 800yd model. Mine works pretty good and I have only a couple of minor complaints. First is the battery cover. I've lost it a couple of times, luckily I have always found it. Now electrician tape holds it securely. Another is the inability to range in very low light. I'm talking the first and very last minutes of legal shooting times. Other than these two discrepancies it has never let me down when I needed it.
With all that said, If I had to do it again I would get the Leica. More money but better optics and electronics I think. With optics, you get what you pay for. IMHO. Johnny K.
...pretty much agreed by most... nothing compares with the Leica, in it's class...
Hi Jon,

I've had the pleasure of using both in the past. Not side by side, but I've used the Bushnell 800's and 1000's and the Leica 900's and 1200's.

On optics, the Leica is in a class of it's own. They are absolutely cristal clear!

The Leica's, especially the 1200's, are much better when it comes to aquiring range to target as well.

Last, but not least, the Bushnell way of indicating range is much less usable in twilight conditions, since the readout itn't lit. On the Leica's, you get nice bright red LED's.

Just my $0.02

I own a Leica 1200 and have used Bushnells, I would'nt say that Bushnells are junk but I would definitly spend the extra money and go with the Leica 100%.

I've got the YP1000. I've compared it to the Michael's Lieca 1200 one time, on the river shooting targets. His did a little better than mine did when we got way out there. Mine would range the trees behind the target and the Lieca was getting readings off of the target. At some point Michael's 1200 may have been getting reading and mine stopped, I just can't remember now, he may remember though?

The one thing I like about the YP1000 is the target quality meter, it really lets you know well when you're on a object it's trying to pick up a better reading on over something else that's worthless to keep trying on.

The Lieca is really quite small compared to my YP1000, and it did give readings quickly. I think Phil said he didn't like the Lieca for its illuminated readout and target "box", too bright to see the target when the light gets low and it doesn't have a rheostat to turn the intensity down. My NF reticle is set really, really, low for that same reason. The Lieca is really bright too.

In good conditions I have no trouble ranging to 700-800 yards with mine, better than normal conditions it'll go over 1000 with no fuss. In optimal conditions it will go over 1400 yards on spruce trees and things it usually gets a good reading on anyway, dawn or dusk is optimal.
I do not own one,but a guy I work with owns a bushnell 1000. Only complaint I heard from him is that as soon as the batteries get just a little week it goes nuts on the distances. Meaning in shoot same place twice might be hundred yds different.
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