Bushnell Excursion ED Spotting scope


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Oct 2, 2006
I am looking at purchasing this spotting scope a 20 x 60 x 80. Obviously I would like a Swaro or a Zeiss, but those are way out of my budget. I can buy the excursion kit for $350.00.
Did any of you purchase one of these, and has it been good for you?
I have a Bushnell Excursion 20-80ED. I do wear glasses and think the eye relief is lacking a bit, but I got it very cheap at a store closing. The image at the far edges is also a bit blurry but doesn't hinder you at all with the 80mm OBJ. I have read others say the same about the blurry extreme edges and eye relief as well. I have no intention of sending it back for repair because I'm afraid it won't come back with the high quality imagery it currently has. At an F-Class match I was able to easily see the dots they put over the bullet holes on the paper at 1000 yds with mine. Both black and white dots (white dots on white paper/black dots on black paper). I'm positive in those very conditions I could have seen bullet holes in white paper as well.
Thx for the insight from what you said this spotter is probably what I will end up buying . I am always very cautious before I go and spend $400.00 on anything, I just want to make sure I am getting my monies worth, because the spotter that I do buy needs to last for a while. I do not have unlimited dollars to spend on hunting purchases.
check out the used one for sale.

I love it it is jsut larger than I have room for in my pack. I agree with the edge clarity but for 300$ it is a great scope. It looks the same as my luepold gold ring. if it were the 60mm I would be selling the lupy.
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