Bushnell Elite 4200 6-24x40


Mar 10, 2003
I´ve learned from other sites that this scope is very good. I do want to heare from you who is familiar with long range shooting. This will mostly be used for daylight hunting with a .222 rem. Later I will put this one a 22-250 when I can afford one.
I own and use a 4000 series 6X24 scope. I love it. I feel that this scope can go against scopes priced much higher and beat them for clarity and resolution.

Only downside is that the amount of elev/windage is around 25 to 26min. You may have to shim the base and/or use Burris Sig rings with inserts to align your scope for max utility.

I use Burris sig rings and "shim" them so that at 100yds I am at full bottom. That way I have 25 min of elevation adjustment which is enough to get my flat shooters to 1000yds.

The turrents are also very reliable and repeatable. Mine are 1/8 MOA clicks, not sure about the 4200series.

A great varmint scope that will serve you very well.


**** good scope... I considered them optically superior to most everything else that I could realistically afford.. Really irked me when Bushnell took them over, but that is another story. get one, you wont regret it.. Not all of us got the jing for a Niteforce, hell one of them costs 1/3rd of what it costs for braces on a 10 yr old...

Strange... I´ve only heard that it is a very good scope. According to other scopes there is always somebody that got something negative to add.

Elite 4200 must be the absolute greatest scope compared to others matching the price.

How come? Bushnell is not known to produce state-of-the-art products?

Or is there someone in here that could tell another story?
My friend put a 4200 6-24 on a long range gun. We were very dissapointed with the clarity of the optics at long range. It was on his gun about a week and then replaced it with a 6.5-20 leupold. There is no comparision between the two. The bushnell is now for sale.
My experiance with a 4200 6-24 -40 is first hand.I used my friends gun for two evenings hunting woodchucks. Although i did shoot 2 chucks at 600 yards the optics in that scope were not good. My friend showed this scope to very experienced long range shooter and he suggested to get another scope. The leupolds have a lot more moa adjustment making them more versatile. I have a 3-9 and a 4-12 3200 elite on hunting rifles and i am very happy with them. Maybe the scope we had is not consistent with other 4200 elites,but the one we had is not a good long range scope. I do hope that your scope works out for you.
Bausch & Lomb is one of the worlds biggest and best optics and lenses companies. They produce products from contact lenses to telescopes. They are the cutting edge of tech.

Bushnell is their sporting division and make a variety of products for the sporting industry. unfortunately, Bushnell has been their lower priced line. Quality has always been good for the money, but not world class.

When B&L transfered all scopes to Bushnell, the Elite series (orig. Balvar) was merged. This has created some apprehension as many still assoc. with the Wal mart Bushnells.

From my experience, the Elite series of scopes are equal or better then any scope on the market...for my eyes. Not everyone sees the same but if the scopes are adjusted properly, their clarity and resolution is great. This goes for the 4200/4000series only.

The 3200/3000 series is still a good scope but in the Leupold VXII/III range of optical quality.

There will be a continued battle of which scope is best for the money. All I can say is that well respected brands make good products. You will need to look through them to see what works best for you.

There are very few companies in the world that make scope lenses. Most of the best ones are Japanese. They contract for scope manf around the world, even some US companies. So when you hear one brand is better then another, it sounds funny because the lenses are made by the same firm.

Mechanical accuracy and repeatability is a big issue in LR target/hunting applications. This is one area that testing is required. Again, I have found the Elite products to have very good turrents, but so do many other companies.

For performance value, the Elite 4200/4000 series is tough to beat. Another up and coming are the IOR/Valdada line. Built like tanks, they have very good internals and apparently, excellent optics. Nikon is another that is making some waves in the industry. If the Tasco Super Snipers ever gets back into production, hopefully under the watchful eyes of Bushnell, they are going to be another great buy.

Leupold gets lots of press and use this to justify their costs. If you get a chance to compare with other scopes, you may find there are equal or better products for a lot less money.

Just my thoughts...


PS working with a Russian product that looks pretty good. Will see if it hold together. If it works, the price and optics are certainly there. Will post results in the future.
REM 700.. very interesting. You´re the first one with a bad story, but is this first hand info, or is it your buddys words?

Anyway, I cant believe that a scope in the amount of $3-400 would trouly satisfy me, but the the many great stories made me order it. Looking forward to see if this will be the last cheap scope I buy or if I´ll only stick with those.

If this sucks... there is no other solution than Zeiss in the future.
I´ve got mine 4200 now. It has been tried out. I got only 1 thing to say about it.. I totally LOVED IT. Could see the holes made by .222 in the target at 300 meters.

I am so far 100% saitisfied.
Rem700, I bet the lenses are off in that scope. Send it back for repair or try adjusting the occular lense better.

If you like the 3200series of Elites, you will be blown away with the 4200series. They are that much better.

I have owned a 3000 3X9 - 40 and was quite happy until I looked into a 4000 2.5X10, and 6X24. I now own these 4000 series scopes I quickly, and painlessly sold the 3000 3X9.

I have looked through a variety of Leupolds and have never found one that was better. Equal maybe, but not better. At half the cost, I am sold on the Elite 4200/4000 scopes. Only downside is the lack of elevation in the 6X24.

Now if they would just make a 4200 10X or variable tactical like their 3200series scope, look out Leupold.

Jerry Teo i will have to send that scope back to get checked out. We have tryed adjusted the occular lense with no luck. I will let you know how it turns out.

I too have an elite 4000 with 1/8 moa. I was wandering if I shim the bases, will I have enough scope to shoot out to 1000yds. I am shooting a 300 win mag. with 190 grn SMK'S. Getting around 3000 fps.
Samson, I checked Bushnell's website and the 6-24 has 26moa, so .020" shim under your base may be enough for a 300mag. although your scope will be maxed out, and then your optical quality will be compomised a bit, tapered base and(or) Burris Signature rings would help to get your reticles back near the scopes zero for better optical quality.Jay
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