Bushnell Elite 3200 question

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    Sep 25, 2011
    I am a new to this forum but not new to hunting and shooting.
    I have a Sako 7mm that I take to Idaho elk hunting every year. I have found that factory Remington Core lokt 140's shoot around 1/2 moa. I dont have time to reload so a factory round that shoots that good is plenty good enough for my yearly elk hunts. I also tried the Berger 168g match ammo but the bullets blew up in both the elk I shot last year.
    I am looking for a better scope for my rifle now. I would really like to take some longer shots, maybe out to 600 yards or so, but I want to hold a zero and not guess at elevation.
    My Barrett .50 came with a bushnell 10x40 with the target turrets on it. I can hit targets out at 1400 yards with this scope and LOVE it. I bought one for my 7mm but the problem is when the bolt ejects the spent round it hits the windage knob and drops back in instead of ejecting. This is not acceptable. I ended up selling the scope last year, but with the Idaho trip coming up I would like to figure this out. I would like to get a 3200 5-15x40 but I am sure I will have the same problem. Can I buy a regular 5-15x40 and install a target turret on just the yardage turret (top)? I would really be interested in a scope that has a bdc so I don't have to worry about scope adjustments when I am laying prone in the snow trying to find my dope chart!
    I have a hard time buying a generic bdc scope like nikon's and just hoping it will be accurate for my load.
    Anyone have ideas?
    Thanks in advance,
    BTW, my budget is in the 300-350 range. =)
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