Bushnell Cust service/repair

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    Feb 28, 2008
    Anyone ever dealt with them? So far I am far from Impressed! Bought a couple year old Spotter NIB Elite 20-60x80, zoom didn't work out of the box, owners manual says lifetime warranty they tell me 2 years, I have receipt, but they told me they might go off model build date, so will see where that goes. Anyways sent it in for repair, they received it on 6/28, I get a post card in the mail couple weeks later saying they received it and a lab repair number and how to follow repair status. I log in and see status, they didn't enter it in to be repaired till 7/9 and status still is on hold waiting inspection. Then it also tells me repairs are running 3-4 weeks. So looks like take a month before they look at it then another to repair? This just seems like a really long time or is it just me? Makes you wonder if they are this slow because of so many repairs? But will probably refrain from future Bushnell purchases.