Bushnell 4200 FFP illum mildot reticle question

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    Apr 27, 2010
    Hi folks:


    I'm looking for some views through Bushnell illuminated mildot scopes to compare to what I'm seeing in mine. I don't know if I should be specific to the Elite series or any of the illuminated types. Other maker illuminated mildot observations are welcome. I checked archived threads but didn't see an answer for my question.

    Is it correct that illuminated reticles are etched (please correct if necessary). Are the outer reticle lines (non-illuminated) physical posts separate from the inner reticle? Is is common for the illuminated reticle to not visually meet the non-illuminated part? Is there usually a mil from the last dot or stadia to the outer heavy reticle line? My specific concern is inner and outer reticle match up and calibration.

    I'm looking at my new Bushnell Elite 4200 3x12-44 (423124F). This is a mil/mil FFP scope. I have not seen another of these in real life, this was purchased on-line. The inner illuminated mildot thin reticle line does not meet the heavy outer reticle line...there is an obvious gap. As well, it appears (have not tested by checking a known object at a known distance) the distance (mil) between the fourth (last) dot and the edge of the heave reticle line is not a mil, equal to the other dot spacing. Bushnell states the edge of the heavy reticle line is one mil from the last dot.

    I already sent this to Bushnell. I asked for a "No Questions Asked product replacement" as the warranty states. They sent back the same scope with a note that all's well. It doesn't look right. Is this O.K. and all's well or should I go back to Bushnell for a new scope. BTW-service response and turnaround time was great...just not what I expected. I'll appreciate your observations and comments.