bushmaster ar


Sep 20, 2009
middle ga
would it be a good idea to use a 223 ar with 3/9 scope for coyotes i am new to varmint hunting i do reload what would be a good load and bullet thanks guys iam in ga shots will be no longer than 300 yards
It should be a great coyote gun. Use a bi-pod or shooting sticks and a V Max bullet and you should be good to go! Let us know when you get the first one! ! ! !
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The black rifle is great for "called in" coyotes. Wonderful for quick follow up shots on the ones that are moving, or if you've called in multiples and get a chance at the "survivors". Out to 300 yds you should be golden, no problem.

Good luck!
I feel that the AR is about perfect for predator hunting. I originally started out predator hunting with my .280. Then for xmas, my dad surprised me with a Rem 700 VLS in .22-250. I thought that was the perfect predator gun. Then for the rest of the season, I carried up and down the ridges in the area. I realized that it was not the perfect gun. At 13lbs, it was a great target and long range shooter. So I started looking and I found the ar's. I started out with the Bushmaster Varminter. That was fine, but is was still a little long and heavy, especially for shots under 300 yards. So I built a pair of 16" carbines. One carries a scope, the other a red dot. I use the scoped AR for more open country or where a long shot is possible. For short range and deep woods hunting, the red dot equipped comes with. Both of these shoot under 1moa with handloads.

My AR's are not picky. They all like Vmax's (40, 50, & 55 grain). Hornady 52gr match bullets also shoot fantastic.

The ar will get you to 300 with no problems. If you need more velocity or wind bucking capabilities, take a look at some of the variants. The WSSM's fit the bill nicely, especially the .243 WSSM. It will push bullets along about like the tried and true .243 Win, maybe even a little faster.
I have two Bushmasters as you. One varmintor and an M-4 style. I like both , but I find myself reaching for the M-4 . I like the ease of carry , since I'm such a poor caller. M-4 is topped with Burris 3x9 Fullfield BC. My son surprised me w/ a Bushnell red dot for Xmas. It will work well for low lite . Good luck.
Your AR will do the job nicely. I have a Stag Model 8 that I've dedicated to predator/varmint hunting. While I still like my CZ 527 (bolt action) .223 the AR is lighter and as stated in earlier posts it's nice to have the quick follow up shot if needed. The VMax bullets work really well with all three of my .223s. I've found that the 52 grain gives me good groups when using my CZ while the ARs seem to like 55 grain. Enjoy.
I have 2 go to coyote guns. A .22-6mm for the reach out and tough them, 300 yrds. and out, and a Rock River for up close and personal, out to 300 yrds. The RR wears a 3 x 9 Leupold, but I don`t think I`ve ever shot at a coyote with it set on anything but 3X. I use 55 gr. bullets that are very soft. I cannot shoot a coyote in the rear and get the bullets in deep enough to kill them, but they always knock them down and I keep shooting. The reason I shoot these bullets is because of rickochets, every thing around here in Ohio is to close for long rickochets. If your not going to be shooting over 300 yrds. the AR is all you will need.
I know for some that AR's are a luv/hate thing but, Going the right direction (imho)
I run (reflex)-Eotech on the modular and a 4-14x on the 24"
I switched out years back and now that is all I use for coyote day/night . I have a modular short barrel suppressed and a long-barrel 24" both complete set-ups (keeping it simple) Both have 9-twist and I use the same handload for both. 52-grn v-max over 23.5 vihtv. N-133 . my opinion is AR is the most versatile coyote rig you can hunt with. the 24" barrel kicks the 52-v's @ 3300 fps vel.
And if you want more Juice. bump the Upper with Cal. up to one of the specialty Cals. like the SS-Mags. then drop it on to your Lower and you are hitting with some serious extra longrange and energy .
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