bushing a firing pin hole in a bolt

wildcat westerner

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Nov 14, 2009
It seems to me that cartridges are limited by the brass cases they are made of, and some other intrinsic factors. Long Range benchrest shooters bush the firing pin holes in their bolts because apparently it allows for higher pressure loadings. I assume the firing pin is narrowed and the hole in the bolt is bushed to make it much tighter.

Is there any practical experience out there with this expertise and what does it cost?

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Gene So
It will help mask pressure signs such as primer cratering, but it is not strengthening anything. It just leaves less primer unsupported.

You are correct as to the procedure. It is a pain and I have no idea what anyone charges, but if it is under 150 it is a bargain as far as the smiths time IMO. I probably will not do anymore. I would rather opt for a PTG oversized bolt if I am rebarreling one.
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