Burris XTR vs Leupold VX-3


Aug 9, 2009
Hello everyone. First post - hope I don't get directed to a bunch of previous duplicates:

If you could get a Burris XTR 3-12x 50mm with Mil-Dot or a Leupold VX3 3.5-10x 50mm with Illuminated Duplex for the exact same price. To mount on a .308 semi., mainly for hunting.

Which one would you go for? Is it a coin flip?

I love both my Burris's and my Leupold's. I dont have any personal experience with the above mentioned Burris, however I dont like Iluminated reticle scopes. Imo they dont work well at extended ranges because they ''blur'' the target(again IMO).
If it were me Id buy a Leupold VX=lll w/o ilumination. Dont know if this helps or not, just my opinion. Good luck with your choice
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