Burris vs Bushnell Elite - seek advise


Mar 11, 2002
The Peoples Republic of Kalifornia
Hi all, im in the market for a scope for my 300wm - was looking at 4-12 or somewhere around there wanted a matte scope in 40mm with one inch tube - i know this sounds prety generic but i was looking at the burris fullfield II and the burris compact 4x12 both with the ballistic plex reticle, as well the bushnell elite 3200 and 4200 series -- i heard burris are pretty good - i like my leupold LRT but wanted somehting a bit more low profile - but still good - was wondering if anyone can offer any advice - to tell the truth im leaning toward the compact burris (too bad they dont offer target knobs for it) but am open to any and all comments and/or suggestions. - [email protected]
Both are excellent products. Buy the one that gives you the best image. Between the Elite 3200 and 4200 series, I would recommend the 4200 as they have much better optics.

Burris will put target knobs on their scopes. Just contact the factory. I think I made up your mind for you. Enjoy the Burris compact.

thanks for you input Jerry, ill cantact burris and see what they can do - although my mind isant made up entirely yet, so if anyone has any comments about the scopes i mentioned and how they compare id be delighted to hear from anybody else especially if you have one of the burris compacts. ive heard burris is about as good as leupold but - realize this might vary from series to series and dont know how their compact series compares with bushnell 4200 or the reular buris fullfield II series --- hope to hear from you guys - steve
Never owned a Burris but have 4 Bushnells in the 3200 and 4200 series. They are great scopes for the money. The 4200's are on my AR for 3 gun and a 300 WSM. no problems with any of them. Clear, bright and repeatable. D and R sports has the best price on them. My choice would be NF, Leupold and Bushnell in that order.
Steve, Burris does make a 4-12 compact with target knobs, but that model doesn't have the Bal. plex, I've got the model with the Bal. plex and love it, it's got 3.5-5" of eye relief no matter what power it's on, so it's clear through the whole range of eye relief, so it's got alot of latitude as far as mounting goes. The scope is also very clear, and tough as nails. You'll like it alot. Jay.
after getting numerous emails i think its easier to do things through the board here - someone mentioned that on a few burris series variable scopes the whole ocular lens rotates to increase power (how hideous! - so if i go with burris it will be the compact -as the signature series are a tad more than i wnated to spend) -After checking out both their web pages i narrowed it down - in particular i was looking at burris models 200396 and bushnell models (32-4124A, 42-4164M) at the moment im less concerned with eye relief -as the scope will be mounted to thompson center encore (single shot). I guess im looking for something like my leupold im just looking for a nice scope for a feild rifle that could be used for long range target (not its main purpose though) - i like my leopold but was hoping to get something a bit less expensive (around $300) -- anything above that and id rather get a leupold - not that they are any better but i love the one on my remington. - so of these choices - any suggestions?

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Steve, If you get the Burris Compact, get the one with the target knobs, and have them put a Ballistic Plex reticle in for ya, it's cheaper to put the Bal. Plex on than put Target knobs on, $30 savings going that route. But the scope is $8 more, #200394. Jay

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Just some tips on where to get these things at a reasonable price:

Ron Shirk Shooting Supplies (as advertised in Shotgun news) (717)272-3576

Elite 4200 4-16x40 Matte $306
Elite 4200 4-16x50 AO Matte $395
Elite 3200 4-12X40 AO Matte $222
Burris Fullfield 4.5-14 Plex Matte PA $307
Leupold VX1 4-12X40 Gloss Duplex $215.10
Leupold VX2 4-12X40 Matte Duplex AO $339.48

For $300, you have plenty of choices.

all prices are cash (credit cards add 2%) plus shipping.

I find them even cheaper than many on-line stores and they stock full line of Bushnell Elite, Burris & Leupold

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