Burris vs 4200 or ?


Oct 29, 2004
I am looking for a new scope. I wanted a 4200 Elite, but now I am looking at the Fullfield II. Any suggestions on either or any other scope camparable or better in the same price range? Burris looked real good when I looked thru one the other day.
There are a lot of good quality scopes out there, with Burris & Bushnell being a couple. But I personally like the Nikon Monarch. To me is just seems brighter and clear than many others out there and at a very reasonable price.
Best thing you can do is look through all three brands then decide. I find the Burris and Bushnell have a 'wider field of view' then the Nikon. The view in the scope just seems wider.

They are all great scopes.

I don't feel that the Fulfield II is the right scope to compare to the 4200. The Signature series would be a better one if talking apples to apples. I have a Fulfield II in a 4.5-14 Ballistic Plex, works great on my 260 Rem Mountain Rifle, but it is not half a clear as my Signatures are.
Another vote for the Nikon Monarch as the best but, they are all good scopes.

Jerry, the only thing I don't like about the Burris scopes is their power settings semm false when compared to others. For instance if you take 3-4 high dollar scopes and set them all at the same power the Burris scopes seem to not magnify near what the others do, they seem like they are a couple of powers down. That may be why they seem to have a greater field of view.

Good Luck!

I have both 6x24 4200 B&L and a Burris 4x16 signiture.They both are equal I think.I've made great shots with both of them mounted on the same rifle.
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