Burris six x, do you have one

Discussion in 'Long Range Scopes and Other Optics' started by coldhunt, Mar 7, 2011.

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    Dec 1, 2010
    I have been going back and forth on a scope for a long time now. Can't realy wrap my head around spending 2K on the swaro 2-12. Keep going back to the Burris, because it's 1/2 the price. I know I will never go wrong with great optics, but I have to consider cost. I would like to hear from anyone who actualy has the burris. I am keen on the 2-12 for heavy bush cutline hunting, and open spaces to about 600 yds. The 2-12 seems to have the best of both worlds. Shooting an HS 300 wsm. Some help would be great, I can only do this once.