burris signature select question(pics)


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Oct 24, 2005
Fort Morgan, Colorado
hey everyone I have a quick question for ya. I just bought ruger to weaver bases and signature rings to re-mount my burris signature select 6-24x44 scope to my ruger no.1. my question is burris says that I only have 24" total of adjustment with this scope at 100yrds but I am pretty sure I have way more than this. I just moved the scope 160 clicks so I could re-adjust my scope 20 moa downward to use more of the scopes adjustment for long range shooting. My scope is 1/8" per click so at 8 clicks per inch that should be 160 clicks for 20" at 100 yrds right? well I had 10" or 80 clicks up before I touched this setup so all total I have 240 clicks so far wich is 30" and I am pretty sure I have more adjustment down if I need it. does burris mismark these for max adjustment? Am I doing harm to my rifle scope by adjusting it this far? the scope did not stop turning like it did when I was going up. Also can slanting the scope affect accuracy or cause any other problems down the road? any help would be great. thanks
here's a pic of the setup
Are you sure they mean total verticale adjustment range is 24 moa or is that from the scope mechanically centered to the top or bottom of its adjustment range?

One other question, was your reticle moving for all 160 of those clicks? You may find that a large number of clicks at the extreme ranges of your adjustment do not move the reticle and in this range, consistancy is generally extremely poor.

Kirby Allen(50)
they meant from center 12 up and 12 down. thats the way i got it off the web page anyway. As to the other question i am not sure if it was moving the whole time or not. You think they would put a stop in it at the max adjustment point
There are often some ghost clicks in almost every scope that do nothing but click. As far as the canted reticle, yes it matters. You will have a difficult if not impossible time adjusting your scope unless you have it level. Think about what the knobs do and it should make sense to you.
just an update I emailed burris and they said that 24" was the minimum amount of adjustment but that most scopes have more. they also said that there would be no affect on the performance of the scope were I have it.
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