Burris Signature Select available?


Jan 30, 2004
Has anybody bought one of the new Burris Signature Select models yet.
I am being told they are not available yet.
Larry told me they should be shipping them today, this was 3 days ago when he told me that, so I'm thinking Midway, Natchez and such should be getting them by next week. Which model are you interested in? I like the 3x-10x-40mm, myself, that's all the scope you need for "normal" range hunting, 6x-24x for praire dogs though, got 2 of them in the older models. Outstanding optics.
Thanks Jay.
I ordered a 4x16 ballistic mildot.
Looking forward to getting out and getting my aimpoints set up.
This is going to be fun.
The Burris Signature Selects are out in a limited number right now. We shipped out 3 of the 8-32's last week. Hoping to get more in this week. Sounds like they are a really nice scope.
bearbasin stated they have "some" of the models in right now,..and are waiting on the "other" models. The word was that most should be in by this week or first of next. I wanted to try out the 3-12x44 but wouldn't you know that was one of the "other" models
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