Burris Signature Ring height(30mm)?



I need some help from someone who actually knows the answer from experience, not from reading a chart....
Is anyone out there using a set of 30mm Burris Signature ZEE rings with a Leupold LR scope? What height ring did you use? I have several sets of 1" rings of this description, but no 30mm. I just purchased a set of the high rings, and WHOA! those suckers are high! BTW, I am using the Nightforce/Baer tapered bases and they are fairly thick. I have two LR scopes(4.5-14 & 8.5-25) and was wondering if I could get away with Medium height rings?
I don't know the answer to your question, but I'm in a similar dilema. I have a Leupold LR scope mounted in Leupold QRW (std/med ht) rings on a Badger Ordnance 20 MOA rail on a Rem 700VS in .308 Win. The scope bell clears the barrel by a good 1/4" at least, and I was thinking about making the move to a set of Burris Zee rings, perhaps a low set if they make them. Curious if any one knows how they stack up height-wise to the std QRW rings.

I have checked the Burris catalog and they don't offer the 30mm Signature Zee rings in low or med., just high--AND they are HIGH...
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