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Jake in NC

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Oct 25, 2002
While not exactly what most would call for "long range"..

.. I've been trying to find a "Leupold alternative" for scopes since their shuffling of the product line and price increase for questionable gain.. I needed a little scope for a "carry weight" Shilen DGA varminter/deer rifle in 7-08AI.. I chose the FullField II 4.5-14.. After a talk with Larry I sent it in for an elevation target type knob as I like to twist my turrets for longer shots.. The scope was sent in and returned in well under 3 weeks.. Kudos for that part..

..Then I was messing with it and noticed I only had 120 clicks elevation and 140 windage (both centered and checked multiple times).. The scope is reported to have 160 clicks each way per Burris TS.. To their credit, they were courteous and responsive (actually returned my call as promised).. But still, it would have been nice to know up front that getting a target knob installed was gonna cost me some adjustment.. While it may still yet prove to be irrelevant, there's "x" amount of annoyance factor to it.. Had I known this up front I would have opted for something that came with the target turrets, although I'd prefer to just have one on the elevation..

.. The search continues.. d:^) JiNC
Are you saying that installing the T.Turret means some adjustment is used up by the turret? Thats Interesting. I would not have though that.

That's about the same response I've gotten when I've called. I've never had any issues with thier service and I have never had a question they couldn't answer accurately.

The Signature and Fulfield scopes are not really intended for long range target use and that's just not a nitche market for them. I think that even the 120 clicks is WAY gonna cover any range you intend to shoot with a 7-08. Though yes, it would have been nice to know first that you would loose some of the elevation and make a choice with that in mind. I still think you'll be happy with the scope and certainly for the money, they're tough to beat. The Black Diamond scopes have plenty of elevation, (not as much as some other brands of 30mm's though) but, now again you're not saving much in dollars.

I wish they would make a 50x Fixed scope or a 20-50 target scope. With the clarity of thier glass, and enough magnification, I think it'd be the ultimate LR scope. I'd buy a bushell of 20-50's if they made em!
.. Hey 4mesh.. It would appear so.. Although I really can't understand how.. I was under the impression that the target knob assemblies were "outer" components and should not affect any "inner" components' function beside what they're s'posed to.. But then again I haven't disassembled a scope yet to see what the workings are..

..Hmmmm.. That funky 'ol Tasco in the basement might be in for a little exploratory surgery.. Hehehe..

..As you said, it's probably gonna be a non-issue in reality.. d:^) JiNC
Jake you maybe were lucky I worked with Larry for close to 2 years getting a 6x24 replaced. I sent in two weeks after I brought for repairs. He lied to me several times during the 6s times I sent the scope back to them.
I finnaly sent a letter to the company president. Even after that Larry called me and told me I would have to pay for a new tube. I was about to tell them to stick that worthless scope. After all that time and BS they did replace it for free. Or should I say it cost me around 70 dollars in shipping and lots of lost hunting and shooting time.
Larry told me several times that he personal took it through the repair process and quailty control BS. The scope came back to me with the same trouble. If that is his idea of good service they should fire him and get some one that knows what he is doing. Unless his job is to get the customer to go away.
I am not a happy customer of Burris I own 9 others.

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Pdog, Can you remind us what the problem was with your 6x-24x again? I got 2 of them with no problems, and just wondering if they're going to explode one of these days.
Frist off it wouldn't give me more then 20 clicks of elevation when they "Fix" that the reticle started to move around inside the scope They "Fixed" that 4 times last time it was the reticle trouble and the elevation trouble.
I asked for a new scope after the 3rd time each and very time Larry asured me that he was taking care of the trouble personally.

Burris customer service sucks. The last scope I brought was a leupold.
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