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Discussion in 'Sold/Expired' started by wildcat westerner, Jun 23, 2018.

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  1. wildcat westerner

    wildcat westerner Well-Known Member

    Nov 14, 2009
    I have gathered bullets over the years and now wish to sell them all-no partial sales. Perhaps a trade might be possible. Sale involves splitting the shipping costs from New Mexico.
    Hornady 100 gr/ AMAX-100
    Hornady 87 gr. BTHP-70
    Hornady/Nosler 100 gr. hunting-100
    Sierra 90 gr. bthp-270
    Sierra 87 gr. bthp-50
    Berger 80 gr. moly-120
    Berger 68 gr. fb-100
    Berger 88 gr. fb-260
    Berger 105 gr. bthp-50
    Nosler 70 gr.-10
    Starke 105 fr moly fb-40
    competition bullets
    Watson 105 gr. fb-100
    GTB 105 gr. bthp-85\
    GTB-95 gr. bthp-50\
    Barts 68 gr. fb-100
    Bishop 67 gr. bthp-20
    Bishop 66 gr. 8s bthp-30
    Bishop 78 gr. bthp-10
    Bishop 67 gr. 7sc bt -300\
    Bishop 67 gr. 8s-50
    Bishop 68 gr.-70
    6.5 mm
    Hornady 123 gr.amax-50
    Hornady 129 gr. sst-30
    Hornady 140 gr. sst-50
    GTB 130 bthp-40
    GTB 140 gr. bthp-40
    Berger 180 gr. vld hunter-12
    Berger 180 gr. target -10
    Remington 140gr. Core-Lokt-50
    Sierra 130 gr. bthp-230
    Sierra 123 gr.-120
    Speer-140 gr.-100
    Nosler- 120 bt-20
    Barnes- 140 "X"-50
    Nosler- 150 gr. BT-70
    Barnes 140 xbt-30
    Hornady 154 grains-10
    Hornady 162 gr. match-100
    Hornady 139 gr. btsp-200
    Hornady 154 sp.-20
    Hornady 100 gr. hp-200
    Remington 150 gr. spcl .280 -100
    Sierra 140 hunter-75
    Swift 180 gr. Scirrocco ii's-250
    Hornady 110 gr. vmax-95
    Hornady 180 gr. sst-50\
    Hornady 180 btsp-300
    Nosler 125 bt.=100
    misc. bullets-200
    As you can see over 5,500 bullets in 5 different calibers, with some very special competition and hunting bullets. As possible trades I will consider 500 .25 caliber bullets of quality from 87-100 grains. For those who like to work up loads and experiment this sale could be an excellent opportunity to discover just what works best in many rifles without purchasing whole boxes at todays' prices.
    Thank you for your attention in this matter.

    Wildcat westerner

    Bishop 67 .825--50
    GTB-105 gr. BTHP-350
    6.5 mm
    HornaDY 123 GR. A MAX--50
    Hornady 140 gr. sst-50
    Hornady 140 gr. A max-240
    Lapua-123 gr.-140
    Lapua 144 gr. 450\
    GTB-140 gr. bthp-30
    GTB 130 bthp-40
    Berger 180 gr. vld-12
    Berger 180 target-10
    Sierra 130 gr. bthp-230
    Sierra 123gr.-20
  2. wbm

    wbm Well-Known Member

    Dec 18, 2008
    Sent you a PM on the 6MM 88gr Flat Base Bergers.