Bullets for African plains game


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May 11, 2009
Honolulu, Hawaii
I'd like to hear from those who have hunted African plains game regarding their bullet choice or recommendation. Kirby Allen is building a .300 WSM for me and I want to use it when I go to Namibia in 2011. I plan to hunt Kudu, Zebra, Wildebeast (Black and Blue) as well as other smaller game. I was thinking something in the .180 to .200g range would do the trick but brand is a different story. I have hunted Axis deer, wild boar and Mouflan sheep with 165g Sierra Game Kings and they worked well but because I live in Hawaii my experience with larger game is nill. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :cool:
Hi 308,
Firstly you will have a blast, Namibia/ Africa in general will spoil you for the rest of your life, and you will be permanantly broke from now on, saving every last penny to get back there!!! LOL

Some will say that a 300WSM could/would be a risky choice being that youre going to Africa, if some thing happens in transit to your rifle/ammo etc it could ruin your holiday, and a more "common" calibre would be a better choice like a 300WM or 338WM because if you do lose your ammo it is easly sourced in Namibia because its common.
Before all the doomsayers chime in, email one of the gun shops in Windhock and see if they stock 300WSM ammo, chances are they will, but it could help in the future.
Before you go get some factory stuff and find out what shoots best just in case you do need it, but just make sure the shop in Namibia stocks it too.

Now there will be plenty of opinions on this topic, and it is hard to put a exact bullet to the task at hand, any premium bonded bullet that shoots well in your rifle will do.
You can draw your own opinion of this but the 338 WM I used was shooting Partitions Zebra,200 yrds broadside, entered shoulder, turned 90' and came to rest in the brisket, it hit nothing vitial. It just ****ed it off!! 458 Lott finished, it awsome hunt! and the bullet was a perfect mushroom but just didnt go straight:rolleyes:

BUT on the 8 animals I shot that was the only "fail" or unusal event the rest were boom flops.
Even the Gemsbok @ 340 yrds the bullet hit perfect shoulder and exited other one.

If I was going back my first bullet choice would be 180 gr Accubonds followed by Interbonds., calibre chioce for plains game would be ..........300WSM!! for sure.:D
You are not hunting for the freezer HIT EM HARD!!!

PM if you want any more info on travel or things to do etc

Regards 300WSMMAD
Thanks for the info!!!! The outfitter I' m going with has .30-06's and .375 H&H's just in case something happens to our equipment. Saw some of your earlier posts (Great Gemsbok BTW) Who did you hunt with in Namibia?
Yes my Gemsbok (now I know) and not blowing wind up my own *** is fantastic, it went SCI gold medal on the measurement of ONE base alone.
At the time I thought the guide was just making me feel good and the tracker was in on it too "moi bull !!!, moi bull !!!" was all that was said by everyone. "er so its a good one then aye? "was the height of my excitement (kiwi for ya)
But when it arrived back home and the box was opened at the taxidermist and his reaction was "holy **** look those bloody gemsbok horns" I had a small idea that it was indeed special. By the way that reaction was while the horns were still wrapped in plastic!!
The shoulder mount now takes centre stage in my office at work, and the memorys still come flooding back everytime I look at it.
Now the guide was Dirk Rodhermann (spelling) of at the time Omalanga Safaris last I heard he has since left there and started his own company with his wife.

All the best

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