"Bulletflight"Any one using this software?


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May 19, 2008
A mates just got this on his IPod touch, I may consider it too
anybody got feed back on this product.
On comparison to Exbal entering same conditions, velocitys bla bla
it came up with the same information.

It seemed to work fine for the price

Bulletflight 3.1.0

Ive got Exbal on my Okta touch phone but it seems to **** the bed so to speak when it gets out of cell coverage, it wont apply certain applications so Exbal wont go or make changes, sort of frustrating, technology!!! it dosent do it all the time.

So Im thinking IPod with this on it problem solved.

If this has been trashed sorry guys Ive been abit out of touch, working.

Regards 300WSMMAD
Not sure about bulletflight, but my friend has iSnipe on his itouch. It agreed within 0.1MOA out to 1000 yds with JBM. Cost him $NZ8 to download. It even has a nifty little inclinometer built in.

I just got Ballistic on mine it is very good. JBM based.It is only $9.99US
Thanks for replies,

It does seem very accurate, even for the $16 NZ it costs,as far as I understand Exbal rounds to the nearest .25 MOA any way so really your at the programs mercy wheather it decides to round up or down to the nearest .25.
I would be happy to make that final decision myself any way.

It too has a inbuilt incilnometer(spelling) hold the ipod to the level to the barrel and it tells you what angle/cosine its at. kinda gimiky but kinda neat too!

hopefully a few more people post their experiences
I have BulletFlight and Balistics on my Ipod touch. They both seem to work equally well. I like to use Ballistics for my drop charts and Bulletflight in the field for the quick calculations. They are both real nice and both have there ups and downs.

I have been using Bulletflight for awhile now and it does compare favourably to Exbal and I was quite skeptical when I purchased it. not saying it is better than Exbal, but it is accurate. I like Exbal too but find myself using my Itouch more than my PDA at the range these days. It offers quick ballistic info and a nice feature in the 'calculate simple' window. this feature is great when you need a very quick firing solution. the 'get angle' feature is nice and works quite well too. like all ballistic software, garbage in - garbage out. it has been spot on for me when I input accurate conditions (gives me identical outputs to exbal). well worth the inexpensive cost for this software. It was way better than I expected.
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