Bullet Switch??????


Oct 22, 2008
South Carolina
I have been shooting Nosler BT's (130gr) for a number of years. After some questionable results on WT, I am debating a switch- possibly to 140 gr Accubonds. Any thoughts or suggestions? I have been loading 130 gr NBT's over 57 gr of H4831sc- extremely accurate in the APS .270 win throwing them. Almost hate to begin the search for another pet load.........
I have used Hornady's plan jane 140 Interlock for years on both deer and elk with out any problems. I have recently been playing with Hornadys 130 SST to see what I can get out of them. So for I've been able to match the accuracy of the 140 Interlocks but I have not been able to use them on game yet. The SST's will primarly be used for mule deer as I now have a 300 WSM that I'll use on elk. If memory sevice me right the 130 SST's are backed by 59 grains of H4831SC.

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