bullet stabilization and barrel length


Dec 10, 2012
Rockport Texas
I have questions about bullet stabilization and barrel length. In a .300 win mag 180 or 200 bullet, what would be an ideal twist rate for a 26 inch barrel? Lets just say that a 1/10 will stabilize them out of a 26" barrel (3000fps), will it do the same in a 24 or do you need a 1/9? I have looked at many of the Remington factory guns and most (in .300 win) have a 1/10 twist in a 26" and a 24", even the shorter barrels like a 700P (20-22) still have a 1/10. Is the accuracy of these guns with the shorter barrels not nearly as good or am I missing something? Can I get a 24" barrel gun (1/10) and still get the velocity and bullet stabilization to shoot 500-1000 yards? Thanks from fairly confused

Red hunter

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Jan 1, 2012
Bean Patch
You definately jumbled a lot of of things together. Barrel twist rates in factory barrels are set to stabilize the most common bullets used in a set caliber. A 1 in 10 will work just fine for the 180 or 200 grain bullets in 300wm. Some long range shooters are using heavier bullets that are longer by design for better down range ballistics. They are changing to barrels with a different twist rate to stabilize these bullets. When a bullet exits the barrel it will be spinning at a set rate of rpm according to the twist rate no matter the lenght of the barrel. Using a longer barrel will allow the loader to use powders with different burn rates to gain velocities. Acurracy is another can of worms. Will barrel lenght affect accuracy? I guess it depends on how far you are shooting. Will a 20 inch barrel shoot sub moa at 500 yards? Yes. Will it do the same at 1200? probably not. But I think it has alot more to do with velocity achieved out of the longer barrel.
I think a 300wm with a 24 inch barrel with a 200 grain bullet will do ok out to 1000 yards. Will it set records for group size ? prob not. Can you put a bullet in a big game animal? yep.

I may be way off base. If I am, Someone with more knowledge on this please help.