Bullet seeker Mach 4 first day review


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Oct 8, 2014
Northern NY
Few guys on here asked me to review this thing when I got it so here goes. First time out. Tested it with 6mm arc with 3 diff bullet weights. 105, 87 and 62, 22-250 with 52gr and 17hmr. It came with no paper instructions but after downloading the app I found I really didn’t need any. Very simple. Turn on the unit, connect to the app, line it up under the barrel and shoot. Worked great. All the info you want is displayed on the phone and calculates as you go. He audible velocity reading is a feature I really like. Messing around with the 17hmr I put it next to the barrel instead of under and it didn’t read there. Read it great underneath. I chose to use a small tripod instead of mounting it to a gun. Also, because it’s raining today I shot out of a window at my buddies place where it is dry and warm. After putting the rifles on the rest there was about 2” of clearance of the barrel over the window sill. It still read every shot. I’ll post a pic of it with this review. So far IMO it’s is much much better than my labradar in every way. Smaller by far, lighter by far, easier to use, especially the app vs the labradar screens and buttons. Battery life seems ok but don’t have any long term data. From full charge I had it on approx 25 mins to test the 3 guns and it read 86% after. So far very very happy.


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