Bullet Seating Depth


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Apr 22, 2004
I am a new member. My question has probaly been discussed many times, but here goes anyway.For the best accuracy out of most rifles is it best to seat the bullet off the lands or just touching the lands. Looking forward to your help.

The "best accuracy" requirement throws another question for a hunting gun. Do you plan on using the magazine?

If so, you may not have a choice but to seat out to near max oal for the mag due to the bullet is too long to fit in the mag and be close to the lands.

Finally depends on type of bullet. VLD type bullets like to be in the lands as deep as .045 as a rule. Not always but more times than not.

Sierra bullets like to be no closer than barely touching and often shoot very well with as long a .040 jump. Once again, usually but not always.

Bottom line is mag may limit you and each gun is beast unto its own.

Hope this makes it clear as mud.

While every rifle is different, a friend of mine who shoots BR told me that if he can't get a rifle to shoot with the bullet jammed into the lands...he gets rid of it. Obviously though, with some factory chambers it just isn't possible.

Most of my rifles like the bullet no further than .050" from the lands...some closer...some jammed.
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