bullet drop vs up or down hill shooting ?


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Dec 18, 2001
exbal is the program i use for my shooting.i can change it to show that im shooting up hill at 35 or 45 degrees it will change the bullet drop.it will drop less but it does not change the clicks that are used to put you on target.the clicks change the bullet impact.how can the drop be less but the number of clicks stay the same ????????,thanks,keith
There is a write up at this site: www.snipertools.com/aci.htm

I have one but haven't gotten to use it on any really steep angles yet. The device mounts to your scope and gives you an angle cosine indication. You multiply the ranged distance by the correction factor displayed on the device. Example: ranged 1000 yards times .90 on device then you turn up the number of clicks for 900 yards. So yes it takes less clicks for shooting up or down hill.
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