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Mar 6, 2008
Lyons, GA
I posted this on a couple other forums but frequent here a lot so thought I would share here as well. I got this idea from another site. Well I finally got my bullet trap mounted and collection tank setup. it has a 24"x24" opening and is made from 1/2" steel plate. this design worked out great for some other shooters. now i get back my lead and lead of those who shoot with me.


Shot it from 100 with 223 and 30-06 and then 10-15 paces with my 9mm
Everybody goes where they should

223 M855 (small) and 9mm cast (large)

30-06 core lok

remnants, i did not try to pour everything out but it works!!
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Looks like it works pretty well. Are you just shooting at the opening or are you putting target paper up in front of it with tape or what/how?
then 10-15 paces with my 9mm

If you wish to do that it is up to you. I would suggest you not let anyone else do that. In particular children should not be allowed within that range for a number of reasons.

It is hard to see the angles exactly but you have come very close to building a bullet return system. The only thing that is saving you is soft lead deformation and maybe 20 degrees of angle or you would already be dead.
I agree, with that arrangement of angles you could get a bullet coming back ay you. I've been think of bullet trap for use in the basement for load development and barrel break-in. My design would be a plywood box, about 2'x2'x2' filled with sand. Shoot through the plywood face until the plywood wont keep the sand back anymore then tilt the box back, face up, and replace the plywood and start over.

The steel trap version would be a steel box with the top half of the face open to fire through, and the top/back would be angled 45* down to send the bullets into the bottom of the box which would be filled with about 6" of sand to stop and catch the bullets.

The plywood catcher would be a lot easier and cheaper to build.
Neat concept. Looks like it worked, but a bit scary. So what the heck do you do with all the ''scrap''....recycle it? Just wondering.
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