Building my 1st. varmint AR-15

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    Oct 30, 2007
    I'm new to long range shooting (since Nam), and I'm trying to decide what type of upper barrel assembly to buy. I will scope the rifle, so open sights are optional, but I want to use the AR-15 as a personal protection weapon, as well.

    My options are a 24" or 20" barrel. Will the 24" barrel give me enough extra accuracy to overcome the lack of maneuverability of a shorter barrel?

    Also, I'm deciding on a stainless steel, bull, or normal chrome-lined barrel. What are the advantages of Stainless?

    Another option is twist rates, as I noticed a difference between 1/7", 1/9" or 1/12" twist rates. Does the length on the barrel determine the best twist rate?

    I have a budget, so I'd like to keep the cost of the upper assembly under $900.

    Thanx for your help, Dante':)

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    Jan 31, 2008
    What range do you want to shoot at? 1-7 of 1-8 would be my pics. I would not do a barrel over 18" for anything you may want to use in a dual role like HUNTING/HOME DEFENCE.

    Keep it light lots of great companes have uppers that will fit your requirments. You did not mention a caliber? 5.56,223,6.8,30 AR, are your main factory contenders for use with the AR15 lower.

    Most uppers these days with the 18" barrels wear the moniker of SPR or Match.

    Check out Daniel Defence, Noveskie, Bravo Company Manufacuring, Lewis Machine and tool, LWRC these are all teir one manufactures.

    As far as scope mounts go there realy are only 2 choices I dont care what anyone else says. If your going to run a flat top AR with a scope it has to be mounted in a LARUE SPR mount or the ADM SPR mount.

    Also you cant pass up a good used deal check out the for sale section over at