Building a 300wsm long range rifle?


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Dec 6, 2007
Woodburn, Oregon
Hey, I have a Savage Model 16 chambered in 300wsm that I would like to have built into a long range rig. I was planing on buying a high grade barrel and stock and have it all put together bedded etc... buy a good gunsmith. My hopes are to be very accurate at 1000yds and have capabilities for hits out to a mile or more.

What in your opinion would be a great barrel and stock, and also is there anyone that knows a good gunsmith around the Oregon area?

Thanks Nathan,gun) [FONT=Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif]
Sorry for the slow response and the Savage makes a great action for building a LR rig. I've never put together a semi-custom rifle before but I do own a 112 BVSS in .300WinMag and have owned a couple of 110 FP's. With load development the stock rifle can be made to shoot under 1/2". I have always preferred long, heavy barrels so there's never been a great need to screw another on the actions I've had.
You can buy pre-threaded/chambered barrels from a few barrel makers; Shilen, McGowan, Pac-Nor and Lothar Walter. With a little knowledge, simple tools and go/no-go gauges you can install the barrel yourself. Some prefer to let a competent rifle-smith do the work.
As for the stock, there are a lot of options. Some of the favorites listed on this website are McMillian, HS Precision, Joel Russo, Bell and Carlson, Hogue, Richards. The list goes on for quiet a while. I like the stability of synthetic stocks with aluminum bedding blocks but love the looks and feel of the laminates, which also make great platforms with pillars and bedding. Again, the choice is yours.
I'm pretty sure 1000 yds is very doable with the .300WSM. Others on here speak highly of the cartridge. A mile, hum, I have no clue. Maybe some of the other REEEAAAAALLLL long range fellows will chime in (they maybe busy driving from the bench to their targets! :) ). Good luck with your decisions and let us know what you end up doing. JohnnyK.
I am no expert but a question that needs answering is , is the rifle for hunting or target? If hunting then what species? Hey, have fun with it , whatever you end up with..:D
Look up MOA presision in Grant Pass, a long wat from you but worth the trip PM me if you want his contact info.
Talk to Kevin at Stockade gunstocks. Stockade Gun Stocks - specializing in custom rifles

The make a really nice tactical stock and I purchased a Benchmark prethreaded and chambered barrel from him. What a shooter. 1/4 MOA out to 300 yards. The cheapest rifle I own and it shoots better than my expensive custom tuned Remington 700 300 win mag

I did the bedding and put the barrel on myself with a fair amount of help from Kevin.

Mine is 7 WSM but I am sure the 300 WSM would compare accuracy wise.

I have read that a fellow named Boyd Heaton in PA runs a 300WSM to a mile with consistant results. I believe his load was 210 SMK over 64 grns of 4831

I dont believe they are attempting to harvest game at those distances. I think there just having some fun killing big rocks on the mountian side.

As far as stocks go, don't forget about Mcree's modular stock. All aluminum, 23 point of contact with your action and no beddeing required.
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Thanks for your responses. I plan to use this rifle for target use at long ranges, but some hunting will be required of it also. I'd say 75% Paper, 25% Game. Whatever stock I use, I would like it to be usable out in the field, but I don't expect this to be super light though. I'm planing on using 210 berger vlds, since they seem to be the best for my uses. For the hunting It will be used on deer up to bear. Thanks for all of you idea's, this is a exciting project!
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