Budget long range optics


Jul 20, 2001
Timaru New Zealand
Hello, I live in New Zealand and am putting together a Rem 700 .243 for long range shooting of Wallabies, Fallow deer, and young Himalayan Tahr. It has a 21 inch barrel (shortened) and I use a suppressor. I shoot Berger 95 gr VLD's at 3025fps. I can hold 1000 ft lbs to just over 500 yds with this load. The animals I shoot are quite small, The Fallow deer would be the largest at probably 140lbs tops for a big one. Anyway I would like some advice on a scope with reliable tracking at a good price, up to $400 usd. Scopes are very expensive here and i am on a tight budget. I'm open to suggestions, my priority is good tracking with optical quality coming second.
I do 90% of my shooting in good light in open country. Looking forward to hearing your ideas.
Thanks guys.


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May 21, 2008
South of Canada and North of Wyoming
Jason, if you're not going to shoot farther than 500 YDS I would consider the Bushnell Eliete 3200 series. I think it would work well for you for a very reasonable price. They have very good reviews from what I've read. It's not a scope I would put on an Ultra Mag, but for a 243 it should work well.


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