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    Aug 18, 2011
    Hi All,

    I am a hunter / spearfisherman from South Africa. I hunt from small (Springbuck through to large Kudu and Eland) in South Africa and Namibia.

    Our ANC government have imposed strict new firearm legislation intended to disarm the largely White hunting community as they fear the well trained hunters (we all fought in the Border wars in Namibia and Angola in the Eighties) will turn to violence as our country is sliding into anarchy!

    I currently shoot with a 30-06 and 375 H & H and I am considering changing to a 300WSM for all my hunting needs as we will in all probability be restricted to one rifle with the new gun laws.

    I have heard some negative reports about this calibre in particular extractor problems.

    Can any members share their thoughts with me on the pros and cons of the 300WSM.


    Buddy Mac