SOLD/EXPIRED Browning Bar 7mm Mag Grade ll Safari $1000.00

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    Jan 6, 2014
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    View attachment 29859 Browning Bar 7mm Mag Grade ll Safari. serial #107NV34423. Bell and Carlson stock, got rid of the wood long time ago, I like the black better. Baush & Lomb 3x9x50 matt 3000 Elite, I have taken Whitetail, Blacktail, Mule, and Antilope and Black Bear. I am now going to get into Preditor hunting, and no longer will be hunting big game, my wall is full. My wife does not care much for this next statement, ( weapons are like women when they now longer serve their purpose time to get new one...:rolleyes: and this one has been in the safe for about 15 years, sorry to see her go, her name is Black Death..gun) will pay shipping to your ffl. and 3 boxes of shells. [email protected]