SOLD/EXPIRED Browning B-78 25/223 WSSM


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May 21, 2009
This rifle was the culmination of a long-time dream of mine. Beginning about 20 years ago, my intent was to come up with a fat, PPC-like cartridge in 257 cal., and my gunsmith and I changed our cartridge design many times-- starting with a .404 Jeffrey based case to the .30 WSM case to... ...Long story short... a few weeks after my gunsmith (Fred Zeglin Z-Hat) delivered the rifle, we learned Winchester was coming out with a factory version! Oh well it was a fun project! So, even though this 25/223 WSSM cartridge and the 25 WSSM are dimensionally identical (according to Fred) and can be safely fired in this rifle and other 25 WSSM's (I've done it with good accuracy) there is a few thousands difference in the shoulder and therefore my version is a wildcat. This rifle began life as a 22-250 and has a few marks in the wood, but not through the finish. The metal is beautiful. It shoots 100g bullets into 3/4 to 1 1/4". It has a 24" tapered, octagonal barrel and points beautifully. I have fired this rifle about 350 rounds or less, and have taken great care of it. It has felled several Mule Deer and Antelope with delightful ease. Ballistically, a 25 WSSM is similar to the .257 Roberts improved. This rifle will come with all of the brass (~60 pieces) and a 100 round and a 20 round MTM cartridge boxes, as well as a custom FL sizing die made for this rifle. You will need to obtain a regular 25 WSSM seating die. The scope is not included, but of course, the custom rings will remain attached. As you might imagine, I have a whole lot more invested, but will sell this rifle for the firm price of $1500.00, plus shipping. If the photos do not come up, please pm me with your email and I'll send you some.