SOLD/EXPIRED Browning a-bolt slug gun


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Mar 17, 2015
Since NY State went to rifle in the area I hunt, I'm selling my Browning A-Bolt 12 gauge slug gun. This is one of the originals purchased new in '98. I put about 10 slugs per year through this gun (sighting in and shooting deer), from '98 thru 2010. The rest of the time she sat in my gun cabinet til the following deer season. This gun is in fine shape but does have a superficial scratch under the bolt received while lowering from my stand. This scratch is only in the finish. The gun comes with a 2 to 7 power Simmons shotgun scope. Smooth action and deadly accurate. Loves Winchester Partition Gold 2 3/4" sabots. I have pictures stored in my email and can send them to you if you're interested. My email is [email protected]. If we do correspond I will gladly supply you with my phone number at that time. Please do not contact me about any trades, not interested. I am firm on the price of $800. Buyer will also pay for shipping and insurance. I am located in NW PA, about 20 miles south east of Erie.


Feb 7, 2010
Guys, I can't attest for the condition of the A-Bolt listed, but that is a very good price for a Browning A-Bolt slug gun. The older A-Bolts were selling used for $1300 and up a few years ago.. I just bought a new one when they came back out and they were going for $1100... that is without scope or mounts... if I remember correctly the mount cost me $85.

They are like the A-bolt rifles on steroids! Nice weapon for slug hunting...