Browning A bolt 7mm Rem Mag


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Jan 20, 2014
Getting into LRH. I have a Browning 7mm RM and really like it. Looking to do some modifications (nightforce scope, timney trigger spring, muzzle break, etc.) and coming up with a good load. Looking at Berger 168gr VLD.
My question is, am I wasting my time/money? Should I be looking at a different caliber for 600-800 yard shooting?


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May 12, 2012
No you're good. 7RM is awesome for LR. Get a good scope, track test it, and develop an accurate load with 168 or 180s, and enjoy. You will flatten deer and elk out to 800 no problem if you can do your part and place and accurate shot. No gun is enough gun with a poor shot. If you haven't hunted or shot much long range then the big thing is you can't just "wing it. " you need a laser rangefinder, a way to determine the environmental conditions ( I use a kestrel ) and a ballistic app. I use shooter for iphone, applied ballistics is good for droid phones, and coldbore or field firing solutions for PDAs.

If you try to shortcut the equipment or learning process you will get frustrated very quickly. But if you approach it in a disciplined way there are few things more fun or satisfying than making a long range shot, knowing you were gonna make it! Tons of great info out there on this site and


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Oct 13, 2008
For medium game hunting (deer, antelope, etc...) the 7mmRM will be good all the way out to 1K with 168-180gr bullets.
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