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Apr 3, 2004
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Hey my Varmint rigg has a polished BBL.I hopeing I don't have to settle with a beaded blast finnish.Do I? I've seen some nice finnishes on these rifles.I would like someting Dark.Like what Weatherby has on thier "Super Predatormaster"They call the finnish "Blackend Stainless steel"On one of thier Mark V they call it a "Titanium nitride" finish.So where can I get this done?
you can do it yourself with a product called gunkote available from me or brownells.
I use it all the time on stainless parts for the guns I work on and occasionaly whole guns. I sandblast the surface myself but as long as you can scuff it up and get it perfectly clean before spraying you will be fine. It also must be baked at 300 deg for an hour to cure. Once done, it ain't coming off from solvents or regular use. Brownells has a variety of colors available and they really are easy to do at home. I'm in the process of moving to a farm outside of town right now or I'd offer to do it for you but take a look at these few pics of things I've done in black and OD green. (the matte black usually comes out much flatter. I just found out I got a mislabeled can from them and they are sending me a new one as we speak. )
Here's a link to pics.
I did my LR 300WM with the Brownells GunKote and it works well on the barrel. I also did it on the action, bolt, etc. There it did not work as well because of the bearing surfaces of the Mauser bolt. It chipped off with use.
I had a similar issue when I got my Winchester HBV about ten years ago. I used BBQ grill paint on it and that has worked very well over the past years and is a whole lot cheaper and you don't have to cook it. I taped off the blued part of the reciever and stuck a foamy ear plug in the muzzle and shot several coats of paint. I have a little ring around the muzzle from the flash but other than that is still black as the day I painted it. Works for me.

If it chipped then the surface wasn't prepped right to hold it. It needs to be a rough surface like when you are prepping to parkerize. In fact I usually parkerize the surface first anyway on steel. Gunkote won't stick to a smooth shiney surface for long.
You can put on a temporary dark finish using Bowflage, available at archery stores. Bowflage remover takes it right off.

It is available in green, brown, black and grey, all dull. I use the black all the time to take shine off my rifles.
I had the 2 inch barrel and receiver on my unlimited 50 done in black teflon by Randy Dierks at Action Gun Works.A quick web search should turn up his website and pricing.I don't think it cost too much and can be done very quickly.It has lasted 3 years with the only shiny spot being a rub mark on the fluted bolt.

Im new to the forum and got a question.

I have a SS sand blasted barrel that I too want to have black.
Do you know of any company that can send Guncote to Sweden?
Or even better, a product that not have to be baked in oven to cure.

Thanks // Diezel

can you send to UK? if so try hydrographics, if not got some yorkshire bloke in the GDR that is playing with the stuff that might give you some advice......


Im not that keen on sending it away.
If i could do the job my selfe that would be the best. Right now im thinking of using Bowflage. But a more permanent finish would be the best.

I have talked to a company that can get me a 2 comp polyurethane (car paint) paint with etching primer in aerosol bottles.
But i dont know how resistant that will be against scratches, solvent and so on.

// Diezel
I have had two different coatings put on my rifles.
GunKote looks great but can come off with abrasions and chemicals. The absolute best thing going was an enamel coating I had done by Kevin Knight at
High Performance Gunsmithing. This stuff is tough as can be and is really nice to look at. It is a relatively new coating, but contact Kevin and he can give you the details.
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