Brass tumbling media


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Jul 10, 2008
Dallas, Texas area
hey folks, i was running low on walnut media for my tumbler--- vibrating type so i went with an additive that i have at the house. i am a aircraft mechanic by trade and we use baking soda as a means to strip paint from the planes. very low abrasion factor. so i thought why not add some to my worn out walnut... it turned out great. now please be aware if you try it there will be a very fine dust that is created. in fact it scared the heck out of me when i went and checked to see if it was working. i thought my machine was on fire..... just dust...cleans up fine, very good final result... i have done 500 cases so far, no issues with internal powder residue.... lot cheaper than other additives... i use about half a box of baking soda to a full load of media.... still using the fist batch.....try it and see if ya'll like it.... good shooting... Bearlightbulb